Defining the basics

You write because you have an idea in your mind that feels so genuine, so important, so true. And yet, by the time this idea passes through the different filters of your mind, and into your hand, and onto the page or computer screen — it becomes distorted, and it’s been diminished. The writing you end up with is an approximation, if you’re lucky, of whatever it was you really wanted to say.

– Author Khaled Hosseini, “How to Write,” the Atlantic



Well said sire..

The idea we have in our minds definitely feels genuine but is anything but concrete..

On the contrary whats written is concrete (and in today’s world of digitization “out there before you know it”).

Here lies the true challenge of making the two meet in idea ,in synchronization ,in every possible meaning and in possible interpretations.

We need to overcome the distortion and portray the real  “true” meaning behind the statements..


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