The humble begininings..

After a lot of consideration i have finally decided to go for gate one last time…Life really is a big circle..i am shocked how parents beliefs and ideas find a way to manifest in the lives of Indian children …we are after all fully dependent on them and being a girl has the extra adage of being shipped off to some family any time soon..
so here i am back to square one…dealing with the same scary problems that i faced a year ago..though this time i have cocooned my self in my parents house and am no longer in Delhi but in a small town basically i am pretty much on my own here…

Let me make one thing very clear.. i wanted to do cat but am doing gate ouch!!
tcs and infosys bye bye.. i am a girl on a am not really a cs it type of gal abhi at least not…in future i do plan to master coding ans cooking and dancing …but i think you got the hint 😉

i will come back for you cat but its a new thing am trying to do…controlling my wayward head trying to focus on somthing sooo boring for more that 20 minutes…well for those who are askig how…i d say SPEED READ YAAR..THEN COMEBACK AND REREAD…SOLVING LOADS OF QUESTIONS.
I kno solving the questions when i dont even have the whole data sounds ridiculous (plus it damages my morale more than anything)but that wat it is…wat doesnt kill you makes you stronger.

Humble in another sense that i managed to get a coaching for 22 000 only while the ones in delhi demand 50000,there’s now way in hell that am paying the soo much, even if i win a lottery.Cheers to the begining ….


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