Wishful thinking vs Action

So here it begins..
i finally joined that stupid coaching for good and i have found out that they also accept installments for gate coaching YEAAAAH!!!…i understand that they gave me like 30 prcent off but I WANT MORE!!!..YOU MIGHT BE THINKING READING THIS ” HAS THIS GIRL GONE MAD”…I totally understand if you were expecting to get study feedbacks and basically stuff from acadmia…(and i promise you dat in next post)..but HERES THE DEAL..am a girl with buisiness setup of mind…always calculating (but the not calculating bitch types…somethimes life demands dat from me too..but i fail to be mean..what to do..)
Any ways i can say that am finnaly very happy on the financial front(which i paid with loss of superior teaching and lack of better coaching) All i can say is that from now on its full on me and my glory..nobody gets a share in my glory in gate…especially not those teachers or that coaching..


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