day 1

Its the begining of the month(thats all day one means..) and i reaaly dont have a catchy of making my past week sound exciting…cuz it was not …mind you it wasnt boring eithr but it was just so..

I do feel determined my forst subject which i took up was control systems andits going fine ..though i still cover more groung with the teacher than myself…i have been distracted by jeffery archer and korea in genral brushing up little german(What??cant a girl have varied interests????)on really hooking though i realize that i wont be doing any real learning if i dont pay 100 attentin ..the games hoom you but they really dont teach you any thing with recall value..i hear the whispers agai now…consistency is the key..

so much so for distarctions..the i find my cat prep also distracting…i need someone to sit me the way i also picked up swiming and singing…thats the distraction anther banging on my head abhi…gotta go


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