What an AMAZING DAY!!!!

Sharing the box with a star in full limelight (legitimately .. I won’t divulge the details..How why when where it was…okay fine for the “where” aspect I can’t go without revealing to my readers…
So here it goes…
Public views..
Patna (capital of Bihar) finally saw some real action when it came to kabaddi…FYI it did host the all Asian kabaddi championship (which I had the privilege to watch from front row in VIP section, again)but it wasn’t the same scale..minus all glamour quotient and most importantly no real sponsors..Railways won it back then..Cuz they were like the only gods among sponsorship.. .So I won’t really say that it was bereft of any real actions but yeah….it’s like two underdogs coming together and making a real point..That being Kabaddi and Patna..
Till lately, Kabbadi has never really been counted among sports and Patna was anything but a Sports city..
But today’s events broke many paradigms and brought forth a new concept…never under estimate the power of common man..Or common things for that matter..
With the amount of money being showered into the sports like cricket (ipl) and Cities (the metros) ..Tonight was a bold statement cuz it had neither of them…not even an actor sponsoring it of the likes of SRK(again ..Huge fan)
It was Abhishek Bachchan cheering on his team with all he got..You could feel it..When the team wasn’t doing that well in the first half…Abhi left his top box to be right next to them .And it had to be a mixture of the gritty Punk Panthers and Grittier Abhi that the team bounced back and went on to crush the Bengal tigers..They did not know what hit them…And I was cheering like crazy..
Except I couldn’t hear my own voice…It was drowned by the fully jam Packed Patna crowds going absolutely crazy..I think it was the best ..Could not have gone better..

The person who came up to request the chief guest in the beginning of the show to come down in the end for prize distribution said :Sir, you won’t feel tonight that you are in Patna.
And whatever he meant by that(I hope positively) it turned out to be 100 percent true..
It had all elements..A star support..Crazy fans..Good anchors..no distracting cheerleaders…the true element of sports..Kabaddi which made it refreshing and to watch, It wasn’t too short or too long ..Amazing sound effects to keep the audience on its toes..
Obviously you don’t have to be a kabbadi fan (or even player)to know everything about it..just the basics are enough .Plus if you are an Indian ..there is the fattest chance that you never played it as a child…(if you say yes then I don’t believe you)
Abhishek was nice to his fans(including Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :))took a picture shook hands with him like thrice and asked about his daughter Aradhaya to which replied politely.(Whatt got into me dat nite??!!!)
Ny ways but I have to say he was very serious dat nite…Truly concerned and watchful of each and every move on the grounds..he was Always at the edge of his seat and he left it only to go to the players and discuss …strategies I suppose…

A starlet sat next to me…I cud not place her in my mind…but was absolutely beautiful …later a friend of mine said that she is the lead cast of Laut Aao Trisha..Maybe..


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