Life’s biggest FEAR…

The biggest fear we could possibly have it the fact we are all alone…Literally might blow your mind (think will smith in “I am legend”) but figuratively it can also have dangerous consequences as well…If i know I am doing the hardest thing in his world>… (Actually been ranked the toughest exams in the whole wide world)OR anything else for that matter..then all I have to know is that there are actual (real living breathing) other people who are doing the same stuff …day in day out…this knowledge should be with me only then I’ll be at ease with my task…and no matter how difficult boring or terrible my conditions of working on that may be…I’ll come to terms with it…

So true…

But here the catch …that knowledge about others should be actually available to you…hit you day in day out …to keep your nerves in and persistence guts out…

It’s easier to say that in today’s world of global connectivity…this knowlege comes easily…but nah…its actualy a double sword we are dealing with…because the knowlege seeping down these free channels are esasily manipilated..And be construed from both ends…that makes relaibility and honesty of the knowlege very doubtful…

Moreover if we have the knowledge coming in such huge amounts we try to find solace in numbers…that is the more data that pleases us tell us exactly what we want to hear is happily accepted and celebrated ….but the slightest deviation sends us in a tizzy and the next thing we know is that we are reconsidering the plan altogether..



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