Psycology Behind an Icecream

Apart from all the readers who went “i see you u see we all see an icream…”Its not really about that..

It has to do with a little deeper understanding of how we are rewarded and how well do those percieved rewards gratify us.

Heres wat got me thinking..

On My fateful way back to home today..i felt like celebrating and bought a Cornetto.A feeling of gratification should have ensued…but all i felt was few bucks lighter and am still hunting my fridge.No…. I have not been underfed..and neither have I developed a any fattening syndrome(I should hope not..).

Personal note: I ended up paying a few bucks extra for the little treat ..and it isnt any more gratyfying to that those extra bucks will probably be sposring that mans “bidi” treat.

Icecream lovers find this treat a happy thing and often as an fulfilling desert after a stumptuos meal..but heres the catch …without the smiling face around and those insanely closeup photos of gorgeously melting icecreams…mmmm but nah it just doesnt cut the deal for me…

It more has to do with mind conditioning and as much as we hate to admit it…very little with the food in our mouth actually tastes like.Come to think of it.People around the world actually eat raw octupus and lobsters.There is very liitle things on this earth that can be literally terms inedible.


Update:while i continued to debate the mystery behing the satisfying reward,I was rewarded with one..AND A BIG ONE AT THAT!Largest dominoes pizza ..I have to google in for a record 🙂 🙂

A family get together with mouthful of fun and partially making senses noise..which sounded to me like pure bliss..i dont kno how much I ate or what price was that humungous pizza(unlike the ic bucks that i am accutly aware of) but all that it mattered was…i think i found the true meaning of happiness after all.and sharing this knowlege with whaterever limited literary skills i possess..with my favourite readers out there..brings me to a complete.

Have a great day:) cuz it really doesnt matter where you are hungry or having a meal at the worlds best place..all that it does matter is who are you sharing it with.

Goodnight ..sweet dream folks!!




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