Study Smarter not Harder

This time I’d like to talk to you about a TEDx talk that inspired me and the speaker was none other than a teenager boy who looked like girl..Let that statement in no way cloud your judgment about the content of the talk. It definately came from a very matured school of thought.

“Hack school”.lets get a few things straight. Firstly hacking which might hint genious gamble ,it doesnot excactly inspire confidence.Not enough to be taken seriously as a school of thought and most importanly we cant  apply it to something thats so cruicial in our life -Education.

But contrary to what I just mentioned “Hacks” are indeed a way of life for us.Get this,whenever assigned a task dont we find shortcuts?Its not necesarily cheating tepmptation but more like a instinct,to save time and resorces and (mostly cuz we have places to be and things to enjoy) Its how we oprate. Especially in India where “Hacks”  goes by the name of  “Jugaad”,A motto etched into every aspect todays India, my India.

We want to be the best, but thats not all ..we want to get there faster.Yeah, which one of will be contend by reaching your dream life at say 90?..Either you reach there or you dont at all..ever.

Please note that I am in no way pitching Hardwork against “Hacks”.Former is a prerequisite and later is the game changer. And if anything else ,coming up with hacks/ jugaad is toughest thing you’ll acually do the magical portion for latter  is called Creativity .Somethng that our current education system begins to suck out at an early stage.indian-and-american-parents


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