The drawbacks of being Smart

hi readers, if you think youll get an article of “oh looook iam sooo smart and others are soo duuumb (sic) Then u could not have been more mistaken.

Its a genuine prob that all of us “in our too smart moments” go thru…

so you think you are a smart ass?huh? well i think i am :P(no pun intented..).but i am soo smart and sooo convincing that i end up applying illutions on myself.lull myself into believing that this is achievable.then go off to sleep.being actually smart most of us manage to finish off the work in time:when we manage to wake up . but thatjust adds to our initial idea of being smart,and end up following the same loop again.untill we actually meet a disaster .This finale may seem like a solution to the loop,but more like anti climax when we start believing that we are not really that smart.And when we stop believing ourselvs…there is help on this earth that can restore our previous glory.

is there a way to balance it out?



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