From Just a Fan..started reading Who Will Cry When You Die..

Subject: From Just a Fan..started reading Who Will Cry When You Die..

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Hi Mr Sharma,

Your book ,who will cry when you die  has been on my to reading  list for a long time now, but couldn’t actually ever  get the chance to read all honesty I felt that the is not for me …a 21 yr old to be precise. You see, the aspect of death and beyond doesn’t figure into my top priorities currently… (the fact that whatever anyone does after I die seems the least of my concerns right now).or at least that’s how I felt..

Recent developments in my life (or the lack of it made me )consider the bigger plans of life and as I stood in side a bookshop (a temple for me in all respect.) I sought your book Mega living..but this one caught my eye.. and call it morbid feeling or not..the word “die “that initially repulsed me now .. I can’t explain it..

Anyways on pure impulse (coupled with  the unavoidable smirking eyes of my dear friend)I picked it up..and have challenged myself to “do” any one thing every week from your book this month AND write about it to you..

That said and done, this commitment like this and many other may follow suit with the others to the dustbin, hence I forced myself to write to you(after reading your empathetic “please do write to me” followed by your “I will do my very best to respond”  ..Honestly I don’t expect you to respond..(or read this entire stuff…its turning out longer than I expected) . It’s understandable if you aren’t able to..and well..writing to you is a part of my personal agenda to keep me on track and not deviate and actually have something meaningful in the end..

Yours sincerely,

  1. 🙂

PS am a huge fan and hope you continue writing amazing books in future too.Wishing you great health and prosperity.


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