Hello Fans!!

I understand the fact that i might as well be speaking to a an empty hall when i addressed you all as “my fans” as on right now today(if anybdy interested its a thursday 30th april 2015 the magical year.)why is it magical??

For starers, ill  be making fans this year!! no , i dont mean actual table fans and naaah not as far fetched ideas that ll make  you esteemed ppl my fans ..am just concentrating on making one fan thats….DRUMROLLLLLLLLLLLLLLS please !!!..


Yes, there are things i have done that i am not proud of.(again on retrospect i wasnt proud when i did them..future has been kinder) I have always been a peoples person .trying to make everyone happy,now that i am wiser i realize my folly. But.But you have to give credit to the fact that its one of the most addictive things on earth faaaaaaaar more addictive than marijuana  or what have you..Cuz the happines seems just within reach.Its always ,if i cud just do that ,i cud just give her this , just this time i cud let go..then maybe just maybe i can make everyone happy…its a miserable cycle cuz Balance nature always hold Einstein was damn right, you can only tranfer energy or matter not create it.Hence .no wonder i end up enervated and with lighter pockets on top of that.Not a pretty sight.

So this year i planned to make myself the main cause i take up. Ngos will have to wait.Big shot corporations will also have to wait.Everybody get cozy in their seats cuz its a romantic story where the hero will leave no stone unturned to dazzle the lady and sweep her off the feet.I promise you the finale. Just give me 3 months time. come back then . i promise ill have a 3 hour beautiful novel that makes you fall in love with yourself again.

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