Romantic Comedies and their Maladies

Recent survey blamed viewing romantic comedies as one of the top contending reasons for breakups and divorces.

Seroiusly??? how could something as simple and naive as probably cute puppies be held responsible for such catastrophes ?

Probably the answer lies in the fact that it is just too perfect. Too perfect to be true.

We end up putting our hope so high that we forget if its even attainable.Now if you aim to achieve something never heard of before in your lives then maybe “Relationships ” is not the right place to start the experiment (not unless both the participants are willingly involved) Try it in science or nuclear physics or alternate sources of energy. Am sure your avantgrande and futuristic approach will be appreciated there.But in relationships try looking up to your parents and elderly for advice as much as possible. Theres a good chance that they know what they are talking about. DONT leave it in the hands of New directors(trust me every director looking to start , starts with a rom-com cuz it safe bucks) WHO DONT ,AND WONT EVER GIVE A DAMN ABOUT YOU much less than your love life.

I am not saying that it should be completley banned . We all deserve out little flights of fantasy. Afterall what life without a little colour? yes I being a hardcore romantic cudnt stand against that. But the trouble begins when we allow it to sub concisely play with our heard. Thinking with the heart can never (inspite of what decades of lovestories tell us ) lead us to  long term success.

So the next time you  watch one, take it with a pinch of salt. And before you daydream your duture fiance atround the chocolatey boy onscren, my simple and humble advise will be try looking for your future fiance in your closest person around you. And i promise you wont we too far off.

Loads of love


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