Tha litlle luxuries of life.. Oh ill so miss them,

I will miss fallig asleep infront the laptop -watching somethig romantic ,comedy or plain obscene

I will miss my own space -with luxury bathroom,hot water, moving around naked to get sunsceen

I will miss them one I will miss them all,but i have to attend something beyond the natures call

Maketh a man,i dont know what

but I  am about to find out ,one way or not.

I will test new limits in my litlle hut

Alas these little luxuries will be come an old blot.



  1. its been 7 months since i wrote this. and very things seem to have changed. though yes i miss the little luxuries of life i am rearing to go forward towards that larger goals in life.And trust me,these little luxuries have long since paled out…infront of the shine of the larger burning fire. I welcome the new fire in my belly.Who says a mother completes a woman?its a sense of purpose and accomplishment that completes me. While i have been busy and looking for answers elsewhere i forgot that the answer lies within me.while my family had lived generations and learnt the art of living simply within thier means,a tryst with destiny and pure luck and efforts of a noble man turned around our lives,and bestowed me with endless posiblities.But alas also came to me the age old mentalities…some spoken some..subconciously handed down…and for every effort of becoming free..scolded ruthlessly and for every bent back in submission applauded grandiosly.Yes this the mentality i am trying to break but adapting a new one is a hellish slippy task.I pray that i can suceed.

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