Jenna Hamilton

another fetish and yet another teenage drama sposered by none ather than MMTV,what does that say about me?huh?not very highly after all i am a 24 year old.i hope this page continues to give the privacy i hope for.and i wonder why am i doing it online at all.but let me revel in my anonimity a litle longer ….maybe forever.


watched am ovie ibn directir cut.finally.i wanted to decipher what really was the mystery all abput and the hype.well you wanna know what is the verdict?disapointed …not at the hall it was perfect //worth evry penny of my 400 bucks but not even half the time i spent there…i am begining to understand the inm portance if time an humilty like i naver havr understood ever before


sid and katrina had an imp message.its the little things that matters ….so while i waged wars on so called larger stuff …i ma missing oiut on quality time with my brother….in to making him something he wil eventually be…..sucessful.

i do realise the my fantasies are now getting the best of me.instead of following so mnay love stories i need to writee my own.hpwever lame or boring it might be …it will be my own…

And for what its worth it doesnt make any sense if its know untold stories make no sense to me…and i cringe at the thought of taking anything to my grave.the world may not want to hear it.but i need to tell it.i forgo the pen and paper style cuz its too unsafe.and i ahave finaly lwearc=nt how to type so
























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