taking babay steps to the word of fashion….

….becuz after all am a girl.The recent pink movie woke me up to a few facts..on the contrary to what womens rights are it painfully reminded me that its not okay to accept suprize dinner requests to strangers or even friends friends.apart fron that the cast was still stunningly dressed.:P

Lets clear a few stuff-am not aiming to be playboy dressed.(thatll actually need photoshopping)..but being in a metropolitan city does but a bit pressure on you to show up READY.NOw we may all debate what that means…but my no. of days i can go without combing game will have to come at a jarring stop.

so i want to take you through a journey how am working on my self.

the media avalable on the internet in full of crap.the ads tell you ull look nothing but katrina kaif if just buy this product,while the news shows terrible pics and videos of balding greying people…and uff….the never ending names of chemicals involved..am not even get into the debate of which ones are safe or not…..if i ever have a trillion dollars to spare,ill definatiley put it to actual good reaseach



so thats what brings me to my journal.its basic and repetetive …which is trust me the mantra to good skin.That or plastic suregery,you are free tio choose,



so lets get started..


cannot possibly emphasis this enuf.but it really is easier said that done.

so whats holding us back?clear-water-glass

a) if you are from a third world country like i am…lack of clean drinking water always is a huge problem.be ready to spend that mullah in your purse.you just cant swoon of dehydration ..that can happen and i am not letting you die slowly like that.DRINK UP!

2)avaoid caffine.it ddehydrates really badly,if you must just a little sip and then thow it.keep throwing it till it gets easier on your consience and you are a a aday younger looking already.

3)so keep a bottle of water ALWAYS with you and especially one which has time markings on it.

on a side note its better to have one with glass a s opposed to plastic.

2. Moisturize:

Every night.

PRO TIP:if you have dry skin like me then moisturiser will not just be enuf:apply moisturizer and then oil.it will help it to lock down during the night.

HAPPY BONUS:after applying oit youll automatically go to sleep…cuz its sooooo hamn hard to keep you eyes open after that.TRY IT!and cash in as much as possibl eon that beatuty sleep 🙂

am on my way to do that so gpood nite…noone.it was nice talking to you 🙂







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